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Like C-student on Facebook, where we publish various news such as student projects in the center.


C-student has it's own Github organization, containing repositories with various content and applications for use at the Visualization Center.

SGCT Questions

For SGCT discussion we primarily use Github issue on the SGCT repository, as we want to keep all development related things on one platform.

But our old discussion forum forum is still open.


Here are we listing upcoming and ongoing student projects.
For finished projects we will post pictures and videos about the projects.

VR-lab booking

Students in the TNM086, TNM091 and TNCG13 courses at LiU, can book resources in the Virtual Reality and Interactions Lab at the following address

Booking instructions:

  • User login details, is handed out by the teacher responsible of each course.
  • Mark the entry, with your student Course-ID and LiU-ID (of all students if working in group).
    By writing the information in the Brief and Full description fields.
  • Make sure that the field “Type”, is set to “Students” (it's now set to default type).
  • Bookings can be done up to 14 days in advance.

The VR-lab is open to students during the following times:

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